...smooth sailing...


I’ve been shopping at Margie’s sales since they did one near my house when I moved to Houston in August of last year. I got told I was doing wrong at my first sale when I grabbed a vase on the sold table but it has been smooth sailing and pleasant shopping ever since. They have great sales. – McKayla J.

We were so pleased...

MBS handled my sister’s estate sale when she had to relocate. We were so pleased with the result. They sold the majority of her stuff and we sent the rest to donation. Thank you, Margie. – Ingrid W.


Sally and I love your sales! – Will E.

...bigger homes and better stuff.

We have been going to Margie’s sales and the sales seem to be trending toward bigger homes and better stuff. See you this weekend. – Emily C.

Stop paying retail!

Stop paying retail! The furniture at estate sales is just as good, if not better, at a fraction of the price. – Earnest P.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen so much quality glassware...

I had SO much fun at the Margie Beegle Estate Sale last weekend...and managed to pick up six boxes of fabulous glass for my shop. Don’t think I’ve ever seen so much quality glassware at any estate sale and not a flaw in any piece I saw. Your employees were all so helpful and polite. I always enjoy your well organized sales. Keep ‘em coming! – Jay P.

I always leave with at least a few treasures...

Margie Beegle Estate Sales are THE best! I always leave with at least a few treasures... sometimes a truckload of treasures :) I especially like the way your sales have most everything priced so I know whether I can afford something or not. – Betty B.

...I’d always go to the Margie Beegle sale...

Over the years, I’ve attended numerous Margie Beegle estate sales and each one is different. What I can tell you overall is that I’ve had a lot of positive experiences there and got great “one of a kind” very nice things from her.

I’ve read a lot of the negative comments about how her sales are run, most that I feel are truly unjustified. Her sales are “estate sales”, not a garage sale or a junk sale and you can tell by the level of organization when you arrive that a lot of work has gone into cleaning, pricing and organizing the items you find there for sale. What could be more annoying than running around during an entire sale asking for prices? Her items are priced to sell, if you can’t afford it then don’t pick it up. I’m unsure how she finds the time to not only get items cleaned and polished up for her sales but also the research that goes into some of the more specialized and rarer items she may have at any given sale. Same goes for her rules on “no children” and “no big bags” in the sale. It’s usually a confined space in a small house with lots of people trying to get in to “buy”. Although people drag their kids along, basically they get in both their parents way at the sale and others adults that are there to buy. The “no big bag rule”, again a no-brainer...bump into a table of fine crystal and it becomes “he said”, “she said” on who bumped who into it , but the result is that someone gets to pay for all of that broken glassware.

Remember that the sale proceeds go to the deceased family, they are trying to do their job and the respectable thing in treating the deceased possessions with respect while getting a fair price for the family.

Alot of pre-work goes into a Margie Beegle sale. For her to appear tired and possibly not want to answer the same question over and over again might be chalked up to the number of long hours put in to pull off such a sale. If you’ve ever even done a small sale yourself, you know the hours of work that is involved so possibly give her a break after viewing the sale that’s she’s put together that’s right in front of you.

Again, over the years I’ve been to a lot of estate sales in Houston and when you compare the organization and cleanliness of one of their sales to Margie’s, I’d always go to the Margie Beegle sale for the best merchandise that is well organized that I don’t have to stand on my head to dig through and constantly run around to find someone to help me find a price. – WC