To break it down...

1) You have the most professional sales in the city. We LOVE your sales.
2) Thank you for running the best sales—no one can compare!
3) You have the best staff! Most companies don’t have anyone helping on the floor and your workers are always easy to identify and kind.
4) I look forward to seeing you and your super sweet team every week
5) NO ONE CAN COMPARE to Margie Beegle Sales, Inc. WE LOVE YOU.
6) I appreciate how you set up and make sure that everything is neat and clean. It makes shopping easier and more enjoyable.
7) I have noticed that many companies say they don’t allow children (for their safety) and yet you are the ONLY company that actually follows through on your promise. Thank you for making sure that children stay protected.
8) Your prices are consistently fair. I know that you spend hours looking up items and this is why I only shop at MBS, Inc.
All told to us today—we had a good day!