...surpassed my expectations


Jennifer Beegle surpassed my expectations. She was very professional, shielded me as the executor, anticipated things I could not have foreseen and did much due diligence for accurate pricing. I would not hesitate to work with her again given the chance.

Thank you!

To break it down...

1) You have the most professional sales in the city. We LOVE your sales.
2) Thank you for running the best sales—no one can compare!
3) You have the best staff! Most companies don’t have anyone helping on the floor and your workers are always easy to identify and kind.
4) I look forward to seeing you and your super sweet team every week
5) NO ONE CAN COMPARE to Margie Beegle Sales, Inc. WE LOVE YOU.
6) I appreciate how you set up and make sure that everything is neat and clean. It makes shopping easier and more enjoyable.
7) I have noticed that many companies say they don’t allow children (for their safety) and yet you are the ONLY company that actually follows through on your promise. Thank you for making sure that children stay protected.
8) Your prices are consistently fair. I know that you spend hours looking up items and this is why I only shop at MBS, Inc.
All told to us today—we had a good day!

I was more than impressed...

I was more than impressed with every thing your company did. I could not be more pleased and would like to be on your reference list.

~ R. Franklin 

We had a great day!


I just wanted to let everyone know that helped us out at the estate sale today that we appreciated the courteous and professional manner in which is was conducted. Highly organized and efficient. We had a great day! Here is the major piece we purchased in its new home. See you next time.

Take Care,
Stephen and Lee Haddock
Kingwood, Texas

Great for Real Estate agents!

I just wanted to give you a heads up...I recently became a realtor at the largest RE/MAX office in Cypress. We have a private Facebook page and there have been several posts where agents need an estate sales company. I have been referring you, linking your website. Although I've never personally used your services, I've been on the buying end and always impressed! :)

One of our agents just posted a follow up that she called you and "they were on their game" and how much you helped her and her seller. 

Thank you!!

Mitzi Piersol
RE/MAX Realty Center II
12810 Telge Rd ~ Cypress, TX 77429
281-384-4277 cell
281-373-2214 fax

Lots to say...

When my husband and I began discussing downsizing, we always came back to the same issue; what in the world are we going to do with all our excess furniture, accessories and collectibles?? Other that a piece of furniture and a few pieces of special china, our children had no real interest in acquiring our things as their tastes aren't in the antique, very traditional style. I had read a newspaper article about estate sales and thought that would be a perfect way of for my husband and me to "repurpose to a loving home" many of the things in our home that we would no longer need or have room for. I spent the next year going to estate sales to choose the best company to help us with this monumental task and I found that Margie Beegle Estate Sales did the best advertising and ran the most organized and efficient sale. My next step was to make contact with the principle at the company; I found Jennifer Beegle to be extremely knowledgeable about the value of our possessions, well organized and, a real plus, fun to work with. When the time arrived for our sale, Jennifer did not disappoint! She and her team organized our sale in less time than I ever would have imagined possible, gave us an accounting all the things that sold and connected us with a not for profit that would pick up most of the things that were left. Best of all, we made more than enough to start us out with more casual furnishings better suited to our smaller space! I would highly recommend Jennifer Beegle and her team at Margie Beegle Estate Sales as the "go to" estate sale company for this important life transition of downsizing. 

~ Pam Wilson

No question, just some praise.


No question, just some praise. I have never seen such a beautiful, organized and careful display of someone's treasures. You've always had the best sales, but this one it the TOPS. Even the garage looks good! I might downsize soon, just so you can sell my stuff for me!

...a regular customer of your sales for years...


Hi there Jennifer….

I’ve been a regular customer of your sales for years. I was looking at your upcoming Estate Sales….but I decided to go to your website and browse around. I Must say, the video is so awesome!!

Your sales are always a delight and so wonderful!! I LOVE the way every sale is setup…it’s so much fun, lol. You do a great job and you are such a sweet person!

I look forward to attending the next sales.

God Bless you.
Sincerely, Melissa.

I am amazed...

I am amazed to find and work with such a professional and good-hearted group of people.I will be sending a letter to the CP Board and let them know of my experience and how much of a service and blessing you have been to me and our family! - DD C.

...a top level estate sale firm that I can highly recommend.

I used Margie Beegle Sales to do the estate sale for my Mom’s things when she passed away several years ago.

I found them to be most professional and I was very pleased with the outcome. At the end of the 3 day sale, Margie Beegle Sales had Bering United Church come to pick up any items for donation that did not sell.  They even helped me hire a group from the church to professionally clean my Mom’s house which was so very appreciated. I am a Realtor© and since then, I have referred Margie Beegle Sales to many clients who also have had a great experience. They are a top level estate sale firm that I can highly recommend.

Cathy Blum
Greenwood King Properties

...your advice was priceless!

I want to thank you for all of your help. Even though it was not feasible to have an estate sale at my dad’s house, your advice was priceless!

We did donate most of the contents of the house to Bering United Methodist Church. They were so respectful and efficient, and the write-off will be perfect.

We also used the two gentlemen that you and the church recommended to finish cleaning out the house. They were awesome!!!

Mr. Link, per your recommendation, has worked on appraising and selling the sterling silver. He is so sweet!

We even used Cathy Blum at Greenwood King to sell dad’s house! She and her colleagues were all amazing!

You really helped us in a time when we were just overwhelmed and not sure where to turn. It was very generous of you to impart your knowledge and advice to us, especially when it did not benefit you.

Sincerely, Alicia D.

Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work! Y’all do such a better job than many of the estate companies in Houston who barely do anything. Margie pulls all the stuff out of the house’s hiding places to be displayed, many companies won’t even look in the closets before opening the sale. – Gerald P.