Margie Beegle Sales, Inc., is the best estate sale company around. We have been in business for 20 years and we have established ourselves as the “go to” company for getting TOP DOLLAR. We pride ourselves on providing our clients-both sellers and buyers-with TOP QUALITY service. We have rules designed to protect the estates and these are clearly defined on our website ( and we always follow them. We spend lots of time setting up and pricing our sales and doing a lot of research to make sure our prices are spot on. We don’t play favorites or offer special discounts to our friends, and we don’t pre-sell estates. As a result, our estate sales are GREAT and our sellers-and buyers-are always protected.

When it comes to online reviews, we’re not alone in our belief that YELP fails to present an accurate picture of customer satisfaction. Lots of factors can skew the type of comments that end up on YELP. 

So what’s the “real” story? First, you should know that we are PROUD that we don’t play favorites or bend our rules to suit the needs of people who don’t want to play by them. We are PROUD that our policies protect our clients and make them TOP DOLLAR. And here in their own words is what some of the 1000’s of people who attend our sales every month have to say about our fine company.